Contactless Payments With Awalan Pay

We provide solutions for Contactless payments to save your valuable time.

With Awalan Pay you can do more

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Awalan Pay lets your pay to merchants by scanning QR code. Its easy and will save alot time. and no hassle for changing cash.

Invoice Payments

Awalan Pay merchants can send Invoices and get paid by there customers, No need to visit anywhere customers can process the payment online.

Payment Reminders

You will receive notification for payments and before due date you will be notified to not miss payments






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How Awalan Pay helps you save time

Awalan Pay designed in a way to help the customers to save their valuable time, following things are few ways how Awalan Pay helps you to save time

  • Using our QR code method it will be easier to complete payments.
  • Since this is digital payment, there wont need to exchange changes.
  • Its with you always whereever you go.

There are more features you can use in the app to make things easier.

What are the benifits you get

By using Awalan Pay not only you save time, you also will get benifits by using it,

Main benifit you get by using our application is our points system, when you use Awalan Pay application for any transactions you will get points depend on your transaction, and later you can redeem it with different promotions we will provide in the app.

What are the benifits merchants will get

Merchants will able to make their shop or restaurant etc. payments digital by using Awalan Pay. it can attract more customers.

  • Accepting payments by QR Code Scanning.
  • Send Invoices and get paid by customers.
  • Maintain customers.
  • Attract customers with promotions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to register with Awalan Pay?

    Awalan Pay will be releasing in near future, it will be available for both Android and Iphone users, You can download it from Play Store and App Store.

  • For customers its free to use, For merchants please contact our support service for more details.

  • Yes once released its available for both Android and IOS users.

  • First way is to pay by scanning QR code, Merchant will provide you a QR code then you have to use the mobile application and scan the QR code they provided and then the payemnt will be processed. Next way is to pay to Invoices, Merchants willl send you Invoices then you can pay through online.

  • You can inform to merchant that there is a wrong invoice for your name, or you can reject the invoice and it will be removed.


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